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1111 Mécanismes avancés

for clarinet

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On the subject of these technical exercises, Marguerite Long explained that 'mechanism is not the ultimate goal towards which all of a musician's efforts must be directed, but it helps to achieve it. Talent does not consist of mechanism, but there is no talent without the confidence given by a tried and tested mechanism.' All is said.


Start by practicing slowly. Speed is not the principal goal. Repeat each exercise as many times as possible, for the duration of one breath.


Practise as a whole; take care of the legato, the sonority, your general posture and the position of your hands and fingers. Stay relaxed.


Amuse yourself by varying the articulations, create mechanisms within your mechanism, practise with different rhythms. All of these mechanisms are available to you. It's up to you to get the most out of them !


Florent Héau

Professeur au C.R.R. de Paris

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