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13 Etudes for clarinet - J.S. Bach

adapted by Florent Héau

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13 Etudespour clarinette - Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

Adapted by Florent Héau


The 13 etudes for Clarinet are taken from the Suites for Solo Cello and the Well-Tempered Clavier, as well as from the concertos for piano. Rather than providing an exhaustive compilation of the Suites, I selected those pieces that are most appropriate for the clarinet. Keeping the original key would have led to a lot of jumping between octaves, which would have been detrimental to the understanding and rendition of the architecture of the pieces. I, therefore, decided to transpose them. For example, the key used allows a full appreciation of the construction and climax of the prelude of the First Suite. I hope that clarinetists will be able to deepen their sense of musicianship by studying this collection of etudes, which have a pedagogic purpose.

Florent Heau Professor of the CRR Paris


Duration : 35'


solo clarinet

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