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Sublime Idylle

Christophe Sturzenegger, piano


Robert and Clara, two names in the history of music. A recording dedicated to them under the name "Sublime Idylle". Robert’s Intermezzi op. 4 and Posthumous Variations op.13, Clara’s Romances op.21, some Lieder op.39 adapted to the piano by the latter. A record that tells one of the most exciting periods of piano history, concluded by some melodies for soprano and piano, composed by the pianist himself...


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Robert Schumann / Intermezzi op. 4




Clara Schumann / Trois Romances op. 21




Robert Schumann / Six Lieder de l'op. 39


adaptés pour piano solo par Clara Schumann




Robert Schumann / Thème op. 13, quasi marcia funebre


et 5 variations posthumes




Christophe Sturzenegger / Anakrôn IV*


sur des textes de Corinna Bille



Christophe Sturzenegger, piano

*Clémence Tilquin - soprano




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