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Charles Michiels, clarinets
Simon Diricq, saxophones


What is the force that motivates us to react? The story is simple. Upon returning from a long journey, a few kilometres away from 'chez nous', the question came to light: And what now? Fear of an artistic void? Terrified of a blank page? Or skilled like a chess player, always a step ahead? Like two crazy people, we decided to experiment with a slightly cavalier approach. We threw our message in a bottle out to sea, in the direction of composer friends. The idea was still vague. Ready to row against the current, we thought we were embarking on a hopeless mission. But what a surprise, we received no refusals! It rained scores, rhythmic, varied, inspired... and this project came to life! From a idea thrown out there, a creative impulsion, our heartbeats started to race. Composers dedicate their time, their intuitions, their quills and invent new scores. It is a story of friendships transformed into sounds. To prepare this programme was, for us, a total revelation. We hope that your ears will appreciate this moment of liberty, the fruit of our musical impulse.


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Titanium > Michel Lysight
Puzzle > Martial Host (available at Klarthe Editions)
Pour élargir le ciel > Anthony Girard
Balinese Pentacle > Daniel Capelletti
Ready Reeds > Jean-Paul Dessy
Pulsion > Benoît Chantry
Tears of Gallipoli > Muhiddin Dürrüoglu
Mixam Dialogues > André Ristic
VO2Max > Simon Diricq

Duo Ypsilon
Charles Michiels > clarinets
Simon Diricq > saxophones


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