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Mozart, l'idéal Maçonnique

Adagio Maçonnique, Nocturnes et Divertimenti



For this new opus from the Klarthe label, "Mozart, masonic ideal", proposes a journey into the heart of Mozart's private thoughts and inner being....


Through these chamber music works written for the clarinetist and fellow freemason Anton Stadler, all of which promote the basset horn (A historically masonic instrument, its set square form in concordance with masonic symbolism), Mozart enriches in admirable fashion the musical repertoire of the "columns harmony" found in the lodge. 


Thus, you are invited to discover throughout this recording, the music which resounded in the Freemasons Halls at the time of Mozart. 


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  1.    Adagio Maçonnique KV 411 *

        Nocturnes **
    2.        Luci care, luci belle KV 346
    3.        Se lontan, ben mio, tu sei KV 438
    4.        Due pupille amabili KV 439
    5.        Pìu non si trovano KV 549
    6.        Ecco quel fiero istante KV 436
    7.        Mi lagnerò tacendo KV 437

        Divertimento 1 KV 439b
    8.          Allegro
    9.          Menuetto 1 
    10.        Adagio
    11.        Menuetto 2
    12.        Rondo

        Divertimento 2 KV 439b
    13.        Allegro
    14.        Menuetto 1
    15.        Larghetto
    16.        Menuetto 2
    17.        Rondo

        Divertimento 3 KV 439b
    18.        Allegro
    19.        Menuetto 1
    20.        Adagio
    21.        Menuetto 2
    22.        Rondo



clarinets and basset horns / Alexandre Chabod, Julien Chabod, Jean-François Verdier

Florent Héau, clarinet / Nicolas Baldeyrou, basset horn


Marie-Bénédicte Souquet, soprano

Karine Deshayes, mezzo-soprano

Vincent Pavesi, bass


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