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Mallet-Horn Jazz Band

Guest : Arkady Shilkloper


Well after the Bronze Age, a new alloy was created from the foundries of the Loire, France: romance assembled with the after beat, screams married to virtuosity and the devil’s primal song welded onto an infernal rhythm. The Mallet-Horn Jazz Band hasn’t invented a new instrument, they’ve invented a new assembly, a new sound born from instruments whose origins have faded into the age of time... a marimba, a vibraphone, a double-bass, drums and a horde of French horns led by Maestro Arkady Schilkloper. They don’t upset the jazz and big band repertoire, they revisit it, twist it, shout it, whisper it…

So, now you know about the band but it’s guaranteed that you’ve never heard sounds like this before...

A brilliantly hewn rhythm section, with the talents of Mogan Cornebert - drums and Ivan Gélugne - double-bass, embellished with two keyboards forged in metal: Benoit Lavollée and Renaud Détruit - vibraphones, bound to the claws of the French horns using such a broad spectrum of colours, nuances and tonal ranges. An extravagant line-up for standard jazz repertoire and original compositions.


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