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Big Rock

Yvan Robilliard
Laurent David
Eric Echampard


Attention, take-off imminent, fasten your seatbelts ! Objective: The Moon.
Such is the adventure, the invitation to travel with YR3 into space; spheres and stardust.
The Milky Way shows us its greatness and radiance. In the distance, far away, the moon, the Earth's one and only natural satellite, is a shimmering "big rock".
Then comes the time to land, in unison. A free union of notes, an informed organisation of timbres, unheard of improvisations, the deliberate association of three musicians, forcing one to float amongst the stars.
Here is a triumvirate unlike others, which uses a powerful collective style of playing; interplay in interstellar space.
The infinite is at the end of the journey; the music fuses, explores and lights up the route.

Franck Médioni


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2019 Jazz Mag Choc!



1 Spirit - Yvan Robilliard
2 Go In The Sky - Yvan Robilliard
3 Push - Yvan Robilliard
4 Rocket launch - Apollo 17
5 MoOve It (during launch) - Yvan Robilliard
6 Space - Yvan Robilliard
7 Float - Yvan Robilliard - (dédié à mon père)
8 BuzZ Sings - Buzz Aldrin (Apollo 11)
9 Namaï (voix: John Coltrane)- basé sur Naïma de John Coltrane
10 Look Rock at there ! - Harrison Schmitt (Apollo 17)
11 Big Rock - Yvan Robilliard
12 SpherE - Yvan Robilliard
13 Return to Planet Earth - Julien Bassères
14 MOove It (on Earth) - Yvan Robilliard

Yvan Robilliard : piano, fender rhodes, mini-moog
Laurent David : electric bass, effets
Eric Echampard : drums

Sound recording and mix : Julien Bassères / Studio de Meudon






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